Success Story Quotes

Glenn went way beyond helping me to be satisfied and not in pain.  He’s been very patient with me. – Charles F.

The people at Optimus treat you like family.  It’s like walking into Cheers! Everybody knows your name.  It’s the small things, but it resonates that the people here care about caring. – John. M

I love this place.  They can do anything and they will work with you! – Steve W.

You don’t know what you can do until you do it!  Don’t give up and if you get stuck, there are lots of people at Optimus who care and will be there to help you get back up and take the next step!  More importantly, we’re there for each other.  If you need someone to just lend an ear or talk with someone who you know has been there, ask someone at Optimus to hook you up with an individual from the Peer Visitor Program. – Diane K

Even in the midst of a move from one office to another, all of the staff was still helpful and attentive.  I didn’t feel rushed.  Megan was the main reason I came to Optimus.  She was my prosthetist at another company and was always helpful and listened.  She has remembered 6 years later the things I told her about how I like to wear my prosthesis.  Kristilyn always greets me with a smile and enthusiasm and a laugh or two.  Optimus is exactly the size of ‘family’ medical environment I look for. – Marcia S.

You guys are all so nice!  You take great care of me and I have never heard or been in an office that chuckles so much.  You guys are always having a great time and that joy spreads.  When I came in today, I was having a bad time because of transportation issues, but now, after being here, I am fine and know that the rest of my day will be much better.  All because I was here. – Jim H.

I appreciate these people and thank God every day they were sent to me.  I don’t know too many people who go above and beyond to show they care.  That’s an important thing for someone who loses a limb. People who care.  I enjoy my time spent with the employees at Optimus.  I have put the name of Optimus on Facebook a few times.  I tell people I meet about Optimus.  I care about them as they care about me.  – Linda L.

Optimus has been with me through everything, from the time that I was in the hospital to getting my leg.  They have been supportive of me through my recovery process, coming to see me while in the hospital and rehab and supporting me with my physical therapy process.  If I had any concerns, they would ease my mind and make me feel better.  I could not be any happier with the support I have gotten from Optimus.  Whenever I go to an appointment, they are always super welcoming, and it truly is a very positive atmosphere.  I would not choose another company to help me through this journey. – Emily L.

The great attitudes of the entire staff have always made me feel like I made the right decision coming to Optimus.  Laura, with her ‘can overcome any obstacle’ frame of mind and her knowledge and skill, let know that I couldn’t be in better hands. – Gene S.

Optimus has meant freedom.  Without them, I would not be walking, playing with my kids, learning how to run, or really being able to experience anything life has to offer.  My experience with Optimus has been outstanding!  They are an amazing company where they place patient goals first and contribute to your success.  – Jeff K.

The staff of Optimus visited me in the hospital many times and reminded me that this ‘amputation’ doesn’t change me, doesn’t change who I am.  I realized during these visits that amputation is not an ending; rather, it is just the beginning of a new and different chapter.  That level of care and support continued even after I went home from the hospital and throughout my appointment in the office.  Everyone here at Optimus has been so good and so kind. – Connie B.

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