Amputee Meets Goals and Brings Joy in 2020

Meet Optimus’ patient Sheri! Sheri is a now retired advertising analyst for a media company, fierce Seahawks lover, and proud dog mom to her 13 year old pup! She also is a right, above knee amputee since October of 2018. After a bad fall at home that resulted in a broken femur, Sheri ultimately had to make the tough decision to amputate because, after 6 months of healing, her knee froze, refusing to bend. Her surgery and recovery were not easy as she ended up with four additional surgeries due to infections. While each surgery resulted in a longer wait to begin her prosthetic journey, it has not kept Sheri from a positive attitude. Her clinician Glenn describes her as “inspirational with a never give up attitude!”

 Sheri’s greatest accomplishment since her amputation was being able to fly to Vegas for her 50th birthday with her mom and best friend in 2019. And in 2020, at two years post amputation, she was able to take 10 steps and do a turn without any walking aid! She had this to say about Optimus, “Optimus has meant so much to me this year. Calling me during shutdown, checking if I needed supplies. The work the entire team did when they opened for appointments, having an A and B side for clients. I’m so lucky that my PT and Glen work together to help me make and meet goals!” She also gave this advice for other amputees, “I would say to any amputee what Jimmy V.  shared with the world on March 4, 1993, ‘Don’t give up.....don’t ever give up.’ Go to PT, do your exercises at home, keep appointments with Optimus, and lastly communicate.  Communication with your therapist, doctors, and your family is key to your success!”

 One more special thing about Sheri is her ability to search high and low for amputee Barbie dolls to give to any child that wants one. She even drops them off at our offices for our pediatric patients to take home (Check out the pictures of Sheri giving a doll to one of our pediatric patients!).  Sheri has brought a lot of joy to all of us at Optimus this 2020! Thanks for all you do to light up the world Sheri!


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