Your Life, Your Story

Dwayne is a 41-year-old below knee amputee. He has been an Amputee since late October of 2018. He has always been active once having played semi pro football. He currently is a T-Ball coach and Direct Support Specialist for adults with developmental disabilities. His life is full, with three loving daughters and a very supportive wife. He has had his share of challenges since his amputation and had these words of encouragement to share as he reflected on his experience, “Don’t give up. The world is going to keep moving and you don't have to feel different because you are not the first person to have this happen. You’re still the person you were before amputation. Remember that everything happens for a reason. This is your story!” These aren’t just words to Dwayne either. He has lived them, “I can walk again. I still can enjoy my family. I drive, I work, and I dance. I just gotta be careful. My biggest accomplishment is that I never gave up!”

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