Rocking It: How a New Amputee is Embracing Change

Jillian Kerr is a proud Mom of 3 boys; One 7-year-old and twins that are 3 years old. She also has two beautiful stepdaughters that are 17 and 7 years old. It was November 12th, 2021, when Jillian found herself facing multiple injuries from a car accident. Her injuries would ultimately result in the amputation of her right leg below the knee on December 6th, 2021.

Prior to her amputation, Jillian worked in the Emergency Room at the Children's Hospital as a Patient Access Lead. She says, “I was always so proud of my job, and I loved working there the past 14 years. I look forward to getting back to work once I am healed and able to drive.” Jillian’s passion and pride carry into all areas of her life and have been a huge part of her being able to accomplish getting back to her everyday life even though she is still at the beginning stages of her recovery. 

She said this about what she has accomplished so far, “I am still new with my prosthetic leg but with physical therapy and Optimus, I have been able to finally tuck my kids into bed, help them get ready for school, and many other things I previously took for granted. Every day I am doing more and more. I am at the point where my amputated leg is actually my good leg. My injury to my left leg is what is holding me back a little.” Jillian touches on the profound reality that life is mostly made up of "the small things" and that one of the most difficult things about amputation is the realization that the small things that we often take for granted are no longer possible. 

However, just as Jillian has exemplified, with quality prosthetic care, physical therapy, and a positive attitude recovery is possible, and small goals can be achieved with relative quickness. Jillian isn’t ashamed to be an amputee. As she likes to say, “I am a right below-knee amputee, and I am ROCKING it!” 

While she admits that recovery is not without its challenges, her pride in being a wonderful mother, and now a “rocking” amputee, keeps her focused on the positive. She has this advice to offer, “It is ok to be sad, just don’t stay there. I do my best to avoid negative forums and rely on the professionals.”

Great advice from someone who is proud to be rocking it as an amputee! Are you rocking it?

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