We Can Do It!

Doug Stone is a 54-year-old active bowler, fishing enthusiast, father of 3, and below-knee amputee. Doug has been an amputee since March of 2018, and he hasn’t let it slow him down, “Being an amputee you must remember that we can still do anything we put our minds to. We may have to think outside the box a little more than some to make it work, but we can still do those things.” Doug hasn’t been a stranger to his own advice. He has lived it out. As soon as he could after his amputation, he was moving around with his walker. He also got right back to bowling and fishing and even was getting his boat into the water by himself. 

Throughout his lifetime, his accomplishments with bowling have been numerous. He has had 19, 300 games (perfect score), and 2, 800 series (a three-game series with an average of 267 or better). He has played in many tournaments and has won some JTBA tournaments. In his prime, he was averaging 225. He also has spent time coaching bowling for the Varsity Boys Bowling Team for Troy High School. Under his direction, they made it to state a couple of times, and it was the furthest the team had ever gone. Since his amputation, he has continued to bowl. He has been averaging 197 games and has even scored a 290 game! Reflecting on an almost perfect game as an amputee he had this to say, “That game was VERY exciting knowing that I just recently lost my leg!” 

Other accomplishments as an amputee have been going kayaking, and next on his adventure list is doing some hiking! Doug left us with this encouragement and words of advice for others facing an amputation, “I don’t like to hear when people find out that they must become an amputee, and they think their life is over because it is not… unless that is what they want! We shouldn’t let anything stop us!” Doug is right, and his life is an example of this. His creative thinking, willingness to adapt, and can-do attitude to get back to hobbies and activities he loves have allowed him to grab a hold of life and make the most of it!

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