Every Day is More

Tim is a lifetime Ohio resident of Troy, Ohio. He grew up in Germantown and graduated from Waynesville High School. After high school, he went on to earn a degree in Robot Programming from Fanuc Robotics Training. However, he has been in auto sales for the last 22 years. Tim also has three adult children and a mixed Golden Retriever named Paisley. Tim became a left-below-knee amputee after developing a wound on the bottom of his foot that wouldn’t heal. It was during this time that he was diagnosed with bilateral Charcot-Foot and diabetes.

Tim has soldiered on since his amputation, not letting life keep him down. He noted the reality that, “Life is undoubtedly going to throw you stuff, but it is how you handle it that counts.” His accomplishments are a testament to that reality. Tim averages around 18,000 steps a day… talk about a lot of walking! He has run two Optimus-sponsored 5ks, and He has participated in the Marine Crop obstacle course including his Dad’s Unit 11 Special Forces Obstacle Course.

Tim has a lot more to look forward to in life, and he credits his strength to his girlfriend of five years, Theresa (“My Rock!”), and his dad who served in the US Army Special Forces as a Green Baret. When asked what encouragement he had for other amputees, he responded, “Every day is more!” Despite what life throws at us, Tim’s statement remains true. Every day is more opportunity, more chances to try again, and more fresh starts. And hopefully, each day finds us a little more ahead than we were the day before. Are you seeing the “more” in your today?

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