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Quarter 3, 2021: Tips and Pointers for Walking for Exercise  

Quarter 2, 2021: Amputee Competes Competitively in Disk Golf 

Quarter 1, 2021: Pushing Comfort Zones to Gain Growth

Quarter 4, 2020: The Good Things of 2020 

November, 2020: A Month of Thanksgiving 

Quarter 3, 2020: Patient Windsurfs Again 

Quarter 2, 2020: Embracing the Second Chance

Quarter 1, 2020: Aiming for the Furthest Place

Quarter 4, 2019: From Mailbox to Mailbox – Starting Where You’re At

Quarter 2, 2019: Optimus Gains New Technology 

Quarter 1, 2019:  Kendra Herber:  I Am Not Disabled

September 2018: The Best is Yet to Come

August 2018: Staff Updates and Optimus in Africa

June 2018: Kathryn Grainger:  Rome Was Not Built in a Day

May 2018: Colten Deskins:  Always ready for the Next Adventure

April 2018: John Molnar:  It’s All About Attitude and Optimus Celebrates 2 years in Cincinnati

March 2018:  Jeffrey Klosterman:  Don’t Give Up! and James Handley:  Patience and Perseverance

February 2018: Stephen Withers:  Don't Be Silent! 

January 2018: Q&A with Scott Millsop

December 2017:  Diane Koepnick:  The Strength to Go On and Steve Huff:  Faith, Family, and Friends

November 2017:  Emilee Lester:  Getting Back on My Feet Again

October 2017:  Connie Bailey: The Journey Forward 

September 2017:  Sandy McGee:  The Unexpected Gift

August 2017:  Rachel Taulbee:  Keeping the Goal in Sight and Major Cody:  Never Giving Up

July 2017:  Grace Norman ESPY nominee and Christy Bell: Progress Not Perfection

June 2017: Vera Mitchell Happy 100th Birthday and Steven Hinshaw  A Blessing in Disguise

May 2017: Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp: Making A Difference and Charles McBride: Keeping the Goal in Sight

April 2017: Jason Swanson: Seeing Life Through a New lens

March 2017:  Linda Leduke: Spared for a Purpose

February 2017:  Brandon Hartley: Keeping Perspective and Shirley McElwain: Finding the Silver Lining

January 2017: Tammy Yost: Courage to Start Again and Dana Layne: Getting Up and Going

December 2016: Johnny Byrd:  Keep on Moving and Stay Strong and Elden Griffin:  Gaining Confidence to Do What He Loves

November 2016:  Frank Meredith:  Giving Up is Not in My Vocabulary and Nanci Thompson:  Relying on Faith and Family

October 2016– Tiara Gordon:  New Beginnings and Don Shingledecker:  Getting back in the Game

September 2016– Steve Bornhorst:  Crossing the Finish Line and Thomas Ahn:  Strength from Within

August 2016– Paddy Rossbach Campers

July 2016– Jackie Kastle and James Knapp:  You Can Do It!

June 2016- Derrick Knox and Jason Dickerson:  A Second Chance

May 2016– George Ingram:  Becoming Whole Again

April 2016- Ralph Steward Jr. and Sylar Combs:  Let Nothing Hold You Back

March 2016– Judith Dowling and Rex Vogler:  The Power of a Conversation

February 2016– Sheila Love and Bryan Fisher: Stories of Faith, Hope and Getting Back on the Bike

January 2016–  Nevaeh Baltazar and Richard Evans:  New Year, New Journey

December 2015– Suzanne Pearson and Catherine Schonauer: Positive Affirmations

November 2015– Stephen Grove and Corrine Beam: The Power of Hope

October 2015– Linda Fortin and Ashley Brady:  Moving Forward

September 2015-Dino Lama and Jeremy Roberts: Good Things Happen

August 2015-Donald Ray and Vernice Myers:  Back Up and Running

July 2015-Brett McNinch and Charlotte Galbreath:  Success Starts with the Right Attitude

June 2015-Cory Hardin and George Lyons:  Overcoming Challenges with Humor

May 2015– Tom Rowe:  Battling Against Difficulties

April 2015– Gabriel(Gaboo) Mondesir:  The Courage to Get Up and Stand Up

March 2015 – Ollie Sowell and Terry Boyd:  Optimism at Its Finest

February 2015 – Paul Ecos and Susan Wadovsky:  Success Come from Positive Thinking

January 2015– Mick Dameron and Lyndsey Wilcox:  Obstacles Come in All Shapes and Sizes

December 2014– Lydette Brubaker and Ted Brown:  Great Gifts

November 2014– Helen Bouchard and Steve Bultje:  Service and A Smile

October 2014– Sylvester Jones and Margaret Rodgers:  Humor and Faith

September 2014– Mike Burns and Scott Henry:  Mentally Strong

August 2014– Quinten Geyer and Tom Runyon:  Helping Hands

July 2014– Carolyn Schnell and Rick Young:  Look Toward the Future with Happiness

June 2014– Marcus Thomas:  Giving Up Was Not an Option

May 2014– Robert Haas:  Never Backing Down

April 2014– Tim Duff:  Every Day Is More

March 2014– Aimee Eckert:  Building a Life of Strength and Advocacy

February 2014– Tom Pooler:  A Man Making A Difference

January 2014 – Randy Hayes:  The Thankful Man With a Plan

December 2013 – Andy Potts:  Recovery Through Positivity

November 2013 – Ellie Thompson:  From Patient to Prosthetic Professional

October 2013 – Ben Stewart: A Quick Wit and Quick on Skates

September 2013 – Grace Norman:  Moving Forward in Every Way Possible

August 2013 – Trevor Bates:  Down, but Definitely Not Out

July 2013 – Vicki Koehler:  A Shared Story of Sibling Success

June 2013 – Aimee Bishop:  Resilience in the Face of Adversity

May 2013 – Boston Response

April 2013 – Gait Specialist Joins Optimus Prosthetics

December 2012 – Optimus to Open Columbus Office

July 2012 – Patient Edition

June 2012 – Low Tech; High Impact

April 2012 – April is Limb Loss Awareness Month

April 2012 – Patient Edition

February 2012 – Optimus Prosthetics Featured on WDTN

January 2012 – Happy New Year!

January 2012 – Patient Edition

November 2011 – See the WDTN Segment

October 2011 – Optimus to be Featured on WDTN

August 2011 – Introducing the i-LIMB Hand

July 2011 – Abundant Hope for Amputees

June 2011 – Optimus Launches New Website

April 2011 – Amputee Awareness Month

April 2011 – Patient Edition

March 2011 – Helen Gets Her New ‘Leggy’

February 2011 – Laminated Socket Designs

January 2011 – Welcome Tim!

January 2011 – Patient Edition

November 2010 – The Dynamic Arm

October 2010 – News From the MWCAAOP

October 2010 – Patient Edition Launches

September 2010 – Welcome Travis!

June-July 2010 – Follow Up to Proprio Course

May 2010 – Upcoming Proprio Foot Course

April 2010 – Prosthetics for Therapists Update

March 2010 – Air Travel with a Prosthesis

February 2010 – Haiti Update

January 2010 – Happy New Year!

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