When you want dependability you can count on, turn to the C-Leg, with an unmatched, industry-leading track record.

The C-Leg prosthetic knee lets your patients live more actively and independently, reclaiming the things that make life fuller and more fulfilling. 

Groundbreaking technology

Every iteration of the C-Leg continually improves on the control strategies that enable real time adaptation to the wearer’s gait, changes in surface, or speed, even when traversing unstable ground, stairs, or ramps. Thanks to the speed at which stance phase resistance is adjusted, people who wear the C-Leg experience a reduction in falls and stumbles*, making it easier to navigate crowds and avoid slips on unstable surfaces like sand, grass, or gravel.

More than 40 studies verify the benefits that personal stories illustrate:

  • significantly reduced falls
  • more active in a broader area
  • fewer distractions, since more stability means attention isn’t focused on avoiding obstacles
  • enhanced confidence in the prosthesis

See the 2013 study “Designs and Performance of Microprocessor-Controlled Knee Joints” (summary | full text) for more information.

Ultimately, these results indicate that improving stability improves health outcomes as well as quality of life.

Browse multiple models shown below among different color options as well as a screw-top or pyramid adapter.

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