HiFi Socket

We haven't just broken the mold, we've destroyed it! 


At biodesigns we don't provide you with out-of-date, traditional and archaic socket designs - but instead provide you with the most biomechanically advanced interfaces available. Whether your goals are to return to work, accomplish activities of daily living or participate in sports and recreation, the interface (socket) design is the key component of your prosthesis. You've probably heard this before: "You can have the most advanced and expensive componentry, but if your socket doesn't fit properly; you probably won't wear your prosthesis." While this is true, here at biodesigns we take the interface to an entirely different level and feel if your interface doesn't also maximize your performance you are not getting what you deserve. 

biodesign's CEO Randall Alley is a pioneer in prosthetic socket design and is the inventor of the widely acclaimed X-Frame and the ACCI, and most recently his finest achievement, the High-Fidelity™ Interface System. Unlike traditional sockets that simply fit the periphery of the limb, the HiFi Interface uses patented HiFi technology to capture and control the residual bone. Wearers will instantly feel a difference as our designs allow for increased stability, range of motion, energy efficiency, performance, comfort, control and simply feels more like a part of you. Learn more about the HiFi Interface System.

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