Symphonie Aqua System

Currently, Optimus is the only prosthetics provider in the state of Ohio to offer Symphonie Aqua casting for BOTH below knee and above knee amputees.

The Symphonie Aqua System allows practitioners to:

• Capture an accurate impression of the limb in weight-bearing simulating a real life experience for the patient.

• Know about sensitive and problem areas before the socket is created to facilitate greater comfort and patient satisfaction.

• Reduce delivery time of the prosthesis to the patient by reducing or eliminating the need for cast modifications and multiple check socket fittings.

• Increase patient satisfaction through comfort and faster functional progression.


Patient Testimonial

How would you describe the fit of the Symphonie socket versus a traditional scan or hand cast?

“The process of fitting the socket was much quicker than before. I got a skin tight fit from the start without any major adjustments to the socket. Casting under weightbearing feels identical to what it feels like now when I’m walking with my prosthesis.”

What impact has the new Symphonie socket had on your everyday activities?

“With the Symphonie socket, I am able to stay comfortable throughout the day. I work 10 hour shifts, 6 days a week doing construction work as well as exercise and now run. I don’t have to worry about how my socket is going to feel at the end of the day.”

What was the best part about the Symphonie casting process?

“I really felt like I was involved in the casting process. I got a sense of how my socket was going to feel before actually trying it on.”

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